Velindre futures: treating more, living longer, closer to home.

This website is no longer being updated. Please see our new pages at: Transforming Cancer Services – Velindre University NHS Trust

The Transforming Cancer Services in South East Wales Programme.

There are more and more people being diagnosed with cancer.
But Wales has some of the lowest survival rates in the western world.

The system as it stands is not working as best it should. The NHS is not diagnosing cancer early enough. The 60 year-old Velindre Cancer Centre does not have the facilities or space we need. We’re not giving every patient the best possible service joined up close to home wherever they live. And we’re not preventing enough cancer in the first place.

So, across the sytem, whatever our roles and wherever we are based, organisations are coming together to improve cancer services.

We are working to build a new Velindre Cancer Centre with a satellite radiotherapy centre in Abergavenny. We are working to make the most of the opportunities digital technology brings. And we need to work differently.

In future we will prevent cancer in the first place where we can. We will diagnose cancer earlier to improve the chances of curing it. We will treat more patients and help more people live longer with cancer. And we will treat more patients closer to home.

We are doing all this for our future generations so that they can live for longer and better.

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