Why do we need change?

We are proud of the excellent reputation that Velindre Cancer Centre has established. However, despite the incredible efforts of our dedicated staff, the case for change for Velindre Cancer Centre is simple: doing nothing is not an option.

We have identified an exhaustive list of reasons which tell us we need to change.
These include:
  • The current service model has not delivered the best possible outcomes for all patients in South East Wales.
  • Patient demand for care will outstrip our capacity.
  • More treatment and care at home or within local communities would better meet patients’ clinical needs and improve their experience.
  • The current patient environment does not allow us to provide the highest quality experience for patients, families and carers.
  • The need to develop and implement new treatments and technologies to ensure that we are able to provide our patients with the most up-to-date care.
  • The potential loss of highly skilled oncologists and professionals to other parts of the world due to a perceived lack of ambition and/or pace of progress.
  • In order to be one of the top cancer centres in Western Europe, we need to review the way in which services are delivered.