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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Coronavirus pandemic impact on new Velindre Cancer Centre

Changes in the work to build a new Velindre Cancer Centre have been announced because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Cardiff City Council has stopped processing planning applications so Velindre University NHS Trust is deferring the submission of two applications for access roads to the new centre.
The Trust will review the timing of the submission of the planning applications at the end of April.
Velindre has also delayed the start of the procurement process to find a consortium to build the cancer centre.
Project Director for the new Velindre Cancer Centre, David Powell, said,
“We remain absolutely committed to the project. We need a new Velindre Cancer Centre as much as ever. The coronavirus pandemic has not changed that.
“The 60 year-old Velindre Cancer Centre does not have the facilities or space to meet future challenges.
“The longer it takes to replace the cancer centre, the more pressure we are placing on our already pressured staff and facilities.
“However, society’s immediate challenge is tackling coronavirus. The Welsh Government, NHS and local authorities – indeed all of us – are focussing our energies and resource on the pandemic as we should be.
“We are committing as much of our staff time as we can to maintain our front line patient services.
“I cannot be certain when we will be able to publish the contract notice but we are planning on a delay of at least three months from May. We only want to trigger a procurement process when we can be sure it won’t be disrupted.
“Our plans are well developed. Our business case is with the Welsh Government for scrutiny. We know that the market is interested. We also know that the economy, after the pandemic has passed, will be in much need of a pick-up.”