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Thursday, 5 March 2020

How should the new Velindre Cancer Centre be designed to work for you?

We are looking for people’s views on the design of the new Velindre Cancer Centre.

To help stimulate comment and opinion, we have published a draft Design Brief – a document we will use to guide architects about what we need.

The document is structured around ten requirements:

Firmness – a building which is strong and long-lasting

  • Resilient
  • Green
  • Practical

Commodity – a building which functions well as a cancer centre

  • Efficient
  • Flexible
  • Digital
  • Velindre Way

Delight – a building that makes people feel good

  • Patients
  • Staff
  • Public

This Design Brief describes each of the ten requirements in more detail. They provide the basis on which we will evaluate the designs submitted by competing development teams.

Stephen Gardiner, Assistant Project Director (Infrastructure) at Velindre University NHS Trust, said, “Our vision is for a Velindre Cancer Centre which has the strength to last for the long term, which promotes excellence in future cancer services and which exceeds the expectations of the future generations who use it.

“The building has to work for our patients and also our staff, our neighbours and members of the general public.

Underpinning the Design Brief – and indeed everything we do – is the Well-being of Future Generations Act. We require the new building to contribute to the seven goals set out in the Act. And we expect it to be designed, built and run in accordance with the Sustainable Development Principle – the five ways of working described in the Act.

If you have comments about the Design Brief please email us on