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Will facilities at the new Velindre Cancer Centre be available to the community?
Yes. The public will be able to use the community café and the collaborative learning and innovation centre we are planning in the cancer centre.

We want the new Velindre Cancer Centre to be a community asset which benefits a wide range of people and partners across South East Wales.

Will the local community still have access to the site?
Yes. We are committed to ensuring that the facilities and grounds are seen as a public amenity for use by everyone. We will make sure there are footpaths and cycle routes which are fully accessible to the public wherever possible across the site.

What are the capital costs of building the new cancer centre?
The capital costs for building the new centre are expected to be in the region of £211.7 million including VAT at 2022/23 prices.

How is the new Velindre Cancer Centre being funded?
The new Velindre Cancer Centre is being funded through a Mutual Investment Model with the support of the Welsh Government, the four local health boards in South East Wales and the Welsh Health Specialist Services Committee.

What is the Mutual Investment Model?
It’s a new form of private public partnership. A private company will be appointed through an open procurement process to design, build, operate and maintain the new cancer centre for 25 years. Velindre will lease the centre and, after 25 years, it will be fully owned by NHS Wales.

When will the current Velindre Cancer Centre be closed?
We expect to close the current Velindre Cancer Centre during 2024 after we have moved all our services to the new centre and, where possible, to people’s homes.

Our plan is to then decommission the site by 2026.

What will happen to the current Velindre Cancer Centre site when the new Velindre Cancer Centre opens?
Once the current Velindre Cancer Centre is decommissioned in 2026, we will transfer ownership of the site to Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. This is part of the land swap linked to the new site.

We expect its future use will be a combination of housing and commercial use.

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